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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany
☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

wodtke - electric heating

wodtke - electric heating

Electric fireplaces feel the flame®

Comfortable warmth for everyone without a chimney

wodtke electric fireplaces spread a cozy atmosphere and comfortable warmth in every living room with their atmospheric flame effect - even without a chimney!

High-quality materials, precise workmanship and energy-efficient LED technology create a design object for the highest living standards - progressive and timeless.

wodtke electric fireplaces are suitable for anyone who wants the cozy atmosphere of a wood or wood pellet stove, but cannot or does not want to install one - for example due to limited options in rented apartments or apartment buildings. But wodtke electric fireplaces also have their advantages in public areas such as hotels or bars:
• No emissions
• No chimney required
• Ready to plug in, a socket is enough
• Comfortable atmosphere even in summer

The areas of application are almost unlimited, whether in the living area, bedroom or bathroom, a bar or a restaurant: a simple 230 V socket is sufficient for installation. The electric fireplace can be installed within a few minutes and then conveniently controlled by remote control.

Thanks to the energy-efficient LED technology, the energy consumption of “feel the flame” is very low. In flame mode without heating power, for example, the power consumption of the “feel the flame” “No.1” model is only around an economical 20 watts.

The "feel the flame" electric fireplaces from wodtke provide pleasant warmth thanks to the switchable heating output. "Feel the flame" is ideal as a supplementary heating system, especially in buildings that are equipped with underfloor heating and therefore do not allow the room temperature to be increased spontaneously.

wodtke - Design - Philosophy


wodtke has been receiving awards from international juries for years. Our constant striving for ever more perfect, efficient and beautiful products with puristic design, innovative technology, high quality and exemplary sustainability has become our trademark, which more and more people recognize as contemporary - and which they are happy to personally commit to.

"We want to create lasting values ​​and not just set trends. At wodtke, design is always linked to the demand for sustainability."
Christiane Wodtke - Managing Partner

With all the passion we put into the design of our products, it is no wonder that people fall in love with our objects – they are an expression of a wide range of emotions.


Even if we only help shape a small part of life and home, we have high standards when it comes to the design of our products: it is not the people who have to understand the design - the design has to understand the people. In this sense, our design nucleus has been creating products for many years that are the result of a continuous process and intensive teamwork. Designers, model makers, metal workers and technicians - passionate people - complement each other, supported by their knowledge of trends and ecological standards. Design must be useful, but it should also be fun.


We develop products whose materiality and puristic design naturally reflect their character. Products that meet the technical specifications and requirements of the legislator, which often have initiated and made possible international standards and norms. Products that, despite their objective appearance and technical elegance, convey emotions and liveliness and give appropriate space to individual ideas of sophisticated living. In doing so, like Prometheus once did, we like to overcome the limits of what is possible or permissible - for the benefit of people.