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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

Q-Flame - Feel fascinating warmth.

Experience the fascination of fire in a unique way.

Enjoy precious moments in high-quality design.

QFlame turns your moments into an impressive experience. With the high-quality glass fire bowl you can experience the cozy warmth of the fire. As a stylish fire and light element for outdoor use, QFlame ensures a bright and evenly warming environment.

The QFlame glass fire bowl is made of 100% high-purity quartz glass. The properties of this untreated material combine the power and warmth with the beauty of fire. The rough, opaque outer surface breaks the light of the flame and scatters it diffusely. This causes the fire bowl to glow evenly in orange-red colors, creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

The smooth inner surface makes the glass fire bowl easy to clean. It is heat-resistant up to 1300°C and should preferably be used with well-dried wood (see FAQ).

Even without fire, the Qflame glass fire bowl is a great style or lighting element and enrichment for your garden. There are currently three different sizes available and four from September 2019.

Small inclusions in the fire bowl (small black spots, approx. 3-5 mm) can occasionally occur. These inclusions do NOT affect the quality or durability of the fire bowl and do not constitute grounds for complaint.

Experience the calming power of fire.

What makes the QFlame glass fire bowl so special?

• the material quartz glass
• the puristic design
• the glow of the fire
• the even heat
• the exclusivity

QFoot / QBase base made of stainless steel

QBase - a round base with a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 45 or 55 cm made of stainless steel is included in the delivery. For a secure stand and to get enough distance from the ground, the QFlame fire bowl should be placed on a base, stone or gravel bed that is heat-resistant and fireproof. Please note that due to the considerable heat radiation downwards, if the fire bowl is placed on a tiled terrace, for example, the tiles may crack. We recommend placing a suitably shielding, heat-resistant and fireproof plate underneath or placing the fire bowl on a small base if necessary.

QFoot / Q-Base concrete base

QBase concrete - impresses with its unique design and the exceptional properties of the fireproof material. The well thought-out shape and three-point support allow the heat to escape very easily. The concrete base is available in sizes 43 cm and 55 cm, depending on the glass fire bowl.

QLid lid made of stainless steel

QLid – a round lid with knob in matching diameter made of stainless steel is included

QProtection weather protection

Reliable and water-resistant weather protection (100% 420D polyester hydrophobic fabrics, UV-resistant) against harsh weather conditions, dirt and dust. The diameter is approx. 76 cm and the height 61 cm so it fits all sizes. Elastic hem cords can be easily moved and adjusted to the shape.

eQuipment Accessories

+ 1 box of lighters
+ 1 window cleaner for the smooth interior
+ 1 firewood tongs for adding wood

FAQ – Questions and Answers

What is the glass fire bowl made of?

The fire bowls are made of 100% high-purity quartz glass.

Is the glass fire bowl weatherproof? Can it stay outside?

Yes, the glass fire bowl is weatherproof and can be left outdoors or in the garden without any concerns.

What do I have to pay attention to when handling it?

Please do not throw pieces of wood or other objects into the bowl. Place burning material carefully inside. And please also ensure that it is handled with care, especially around children.

What sizes are available?

The QFlame glass fire bowl is available in four different sizes:
• Diameter 50 cm x height 37 cm
• Diameter 56 cm x height 39 cm
• Diameter 64 cm x height 45 cm
• Diameter 71 cm x height 50 cm

Which fuels can I use to operate the glass fire bowl?

Almost all types of wood are suitable for use, such as beech, oak, ash, birch or other types of deciduous trees that have been dried accordingly. If possible, avoid using wood with resin (e.g. spruce) for the Qflame glass fire bowl. This wood gives off more sparks when burning and can leave behind burnt-in resin.

Please avoid:

• Pressure-impregnated wood or Euro pallets. The wood must not be surface-treated under any circumstances.
• Wood waste containing paint, glue or varnish
• Household waste (milk cartons, egg cartons, plastic, paper e.g. weekly newspapers or advertising)
• Construction site waste containing screws or nails, as well as remnants of chipboard or plasterboard

How do I clean the glass fire bowl?

The smooth inner surface means that the glass fire bowl can easily be cleaned of soot and dirt using water. Chimney cleaner can also be used as an aid.


You can dispose of the cooled ash with an ash shovel. The fire bowl can then be easily cleaned of soot and dirt using water thanks to its smooth inner surface. Please do not clean the quartz glass bowl with wet ash, as this can lead to scratches in the material. Chimney cleaner can be used as an aid. If you use resinous firewood, cleaning will be more difficult.

Instructions for correct handling


I. Fire bowls may only be used outdoors. Do not light a fire in strong winds.
II. Be aware of the surroundings and never leave the bowl unattended, especially around children and pets.
III. Only use specified lighting aids (no petrol, spirit, etc.) and wear fireproof gloves.
IV. Do not move, rock or touch the burning fire bowl.
V. Make sure that a suitable extinguishing agent (water, fire blanket, fire extinguisher) is available in the immediate vicinity.
VI. Make sure that the fire bowl has cooled down completely before you start cleaning.

Light the fire

Fire bowls should generally only be set up outdoors and any surrounding objects that are easily flammable should be removed.

Only place the fire bowl on a fireproof surface (stone, sand, gravel). To ensure it is stable and has sufficient clearance from the ground, the QFlame fire bowl should be placed on a base that is heat-resistant and fireproof. Make sure that it is stable and does not wobble. It is also important to note that the ground around the fire bowl gets very hot.

Only use lighting aids such as charcoal, barbecue lighters or wood chips to light the fire. IMPORTANT: Do not use spirit, petrol or other liquids. To start the fire, it is best to use small, untreated and dry pieces of wood first. Add larger ones later. Please do not throw pieces of wood or other objects into the bowl.

Make sure you handle and store the combustion material carefully. Always wear fireproof gloves and do not overload the glass fire bowl with firewood.

Do not leave the fire bowl unattended and do not move it while the fire is burning.

The QFlame glass fire bowl is heat-resistant up to 1,300°C and can be used with various fuels (see also FAQ). We accept no liability and provide no warranty in the event of improper use, exceeding the specified maximum temperature or for damage caused by firing.