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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

Dimplex (ewt) cool fire

Fireplace technologies from Dimplex (ewt) set standards worldwide with spectacular, patented effects. One thing has not changed even after man has tamed fire: lighting it is difficult. For anyone who still wants to bring the magic of fire into their home, there is a fascinating solution: electric fireplaces -> safe, simple and flexible.

Fire is dangerous, you learn as a small child. Fire is warm and cozy, you experience it around a campfire. Fire is magical, you feel it on a winter night - when you look at the dance of the flames. Human civilization begins with the taming of fire. The invention of the electric fireplace tames the wild element a second time. Whether in the hotel lobby, in the bar, in the restaurant, in the rented apartment ... with the patented ewt technology, fire is warm, cozy, magical and so much more - but no longer dangerous.

Electric fireplaces are safe and can be used anywhere.

A campfire is lovely, but unfortunately it has to stay outside. If you want to take the fire into the house, it quickly becomes complicated: you need an extractor or your own chimney, you have to ensure safety - and also comply with legal and environmental requirements. If you opt for an electric fire, you can save yourself all the hassle and effort. All you need to enjoy the cozy atmosphere is a power socket. This is what makes electric fires so safe, so simple and so flexible. Let your living fantasies run wild: there is no environment in which an electric fire cannot be used! An electric fireplace is also the ideal solution for public spaces such as hotel lobbies, bars or restaurants - because for safety reasons, installing a gas fire or real wood fireplace is either extremely complicated or (as in most cases) completely prohibited. But you shouldn't do without the magic of fire, especially in places where people meet: the lively play of the flames, the quiet crackling - and the stories that are told in front of it. Let our selection of references inspire you!

The technologies


Reflection becomes fire – it couldn’t be more agile.


The secret is a rotating mirror axis. Similar to the blades of a propeller, several curved and twisted mirror elements are attached to it. This creates the largest possible, irregular mirror surface that refracts the light many times. This is exactly what benefits the fire effect: the more individual elements rotate, the livelier the reflection becomes, the more realistic the flickering appears... like real flames. The fire is alive! The technology is based on the very first electric fireplace, as invented by the British developer John Berry at the beginning of the 20th century. Even then, the mirror "spindle" was illuminated by a light source from the side and reflected the light from bottom to top, directly onto the dark back of the fireplace. In order to make the pieces of wood or coal in the bed of embers glow as realistically as possible, they are also illuminated from below.


Water turns into fire – it couldn’t be more impressive.


Light hits water mist. And suddenly you can see flames. Sounds impossible, but it works. How? There is a water tank underneath the bed of embers with the wood or coal backdrop: water is atomized into a fine, dense mist using ultrasound. Halogen lamps behind the water tank heat the air, which transports the mist upwards. The rising water mist spreads over the bed of embers and reflects the halogen light. This creates a lively flickering, like a real flame. Unbelievable: water becomes fire - the reflective water mist itself creates the fire effect. A dark fireplace back wall is no longer necessary, the three-dimensional Opti-myst fire can be seen from all sides. The mist flames also react completely naturally, moving in a draft, for example. If you put your hand in the fire, the rising flames envelop your hand. Their strength can be regulated. But you can't burn yourself on them! But it can still be pleasantly warm in front of the fireplace if you want: the heating option can be switched on in two stages. Opti-myst is available as an open fire, as a fireplace insert, as a fireplace with a facade or as a wall installation.

Opti-V (Opti-Virtual)

A particularly lively and glowing flame display, with sparks occasionally escaping from the large logs. The Opti-V fire technology is the result of a sophisticated combination of HDTV, economical LED technology and a realistic fireplace interior. The soothing sound of the crackling fire is standard on all Opti-V models.


Revillusion is our latest flame technology and a new milestone in the field of electric fires. The brick interior provides a very good view of the lifelike flames. These flames rise without reflection from the center of the fireplace from the lifelike sparkling logs. The colors and intensity can be variably adjusted using the user-friendly remote control. The light image can be optimally adapted to the desired atmosphere, style and ambient light.

Advantages of Dimplex (ewt) fireplaces

… compared to wood fires:

• No emissions
• No CO2 emissions (when operating with certified green electricity)
• No dirt in the apartment
• No safety distance to the chimney
• No fire hazard
• No firewood

… compared to bio-ethanol plants:

• No risk of fire or explosion
• No permanent supervision
• No fire extinguisher
• No safety distance to the chimney
• No ventilation during heating

… for new construction and renovation:

• No need to comply with costly and burdensome legal requirements
• No supply air problems in modern, insulated houses / apartments
• No risk of negative pressure in installed ventilation systems

The costs at a glance

• approx. 3 to 8 cents/hour in normal operation
• approx. 15 to 25 cents/hour with heating switched on (with maximum heating output, rooms of up to 25 square meters can be heated to a comfortable temperature.)

Please note that the wattage information refers to the maximum power consumption (fireplace lighting AND heating) of the fireplace or fireplace insert and not to the pure heating output. The nominal heating output can be correspondingly lower. Deviations of -10% to +5% in power consumption are permitted, so that deviations in measurement technology can occur.

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Only use soft tap water with Opti-Myst devices with steam. Decalcified or filtered water is also suitable (it is important that it contains little lime and salt (sodium)). Distilled water does NOT work with most devices (it does not conduct electricity). If you do not have soft tap water, we recommend using still, LOW-SODIUM mineral water (< 20 mg/l, suitable for preparing baby food) from a discount store. With hard water, the cleaning intervals are much shorter (it must be cleaned more often and more thoroughly) and the lifespan of the vaporizer is reduced (more frequent replacement required). If the device is not used for a long time, the water should be removed from the device and the parts cleaned and dried. Please also note the other instructions provided in the manual.


Please note that nebulizers and halogen lamps are wearing parts and must be replaced. The better the maintenance and care, the longer the service life.

Mirror back wall

With the mirror wall you can enhance the fire effect for certain fireplace models by additionally reflecting the “flames”.

Mirror back panel for the models:
• 205421 | Vivaldi, Ravello, Verdi and fireplace insert Engine 68 – 400 | Dimensions (WxHxD): 41x50x1
• 205414 | Moorefield, Romero, Cubic and fireplace insert Engine 56 – 400 | Dimensions (WxHxD): 41x38x1