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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany
☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

Avanti electric fireplaces


• Can be installed as a one-, two- or three-sided opening variant
• Chromalight® Plus designer LED system
• Different effects with adjustable flame speed
• Choice of lighting systems and effects
• Authentic oak decorative logs or optional birch decorative logs with ember effect
• Up to 2000 watts heat output (fan heater)
• Flame effect can also be switched on without heating
• Can be controlled with remote control and app
• optional mood light (LED strips) can be connected
• Flat wall mounting possible for Avanti 110RW with Milazzo Suite
• Ecodesign energy saving features

Designed for the ambience

Whether you need the charisma of a captivating fire or something more, the Onyx Avanti's Chromalight® Plus technology combines a range of captivating effects to create the ambience you desire.

This exceptional electric fire offers you two independent flame effects, along with ember bed, log and downlighting to create the perfect ambience. Choose from fixed colour settings for each effect or a gradually changing spectrum mode, with the option to synchronise the different flame and light effects using either the innovative app or remote control.

Flame design

Because we all have a different idea of ​​the perfect flame, in addition to the wide range of light settings, the flame speed can also be adjusted. To create a three-dimensional image, two flames are projected to appear between the logs and their reflection. The brightness levels are adjustable for a full or flickering flame image. Both primary and secondary flames offer a variety of natural and vibrant colors that can be mixed and contrasted.

Lifelike log replicas with glowing embers

Every tiny detail and texture of the selected wood optics has been meticulously reproduced from oak and silver birch. Each log rests on a glowing bed of embers made from blackened glass covered in ash and lava stone splinters.

The electric fireplaces are always equipped with a log set made of split oak. For an individual character, this can easily be supplemented or replaced with the optionally available log set made of split silver birch.

Glowing logs

To capture the life and soul of a log fire and simulate real burning wood, the specially designed Burnt Ember logs house hidden lighting systems that cast a natural, ever-changing glow on the larger split oak or silver birch logs.

Optional mood lighting

For the perfect ambience, the electric fireplaces can also be supplemented with attractive mood lighting. Up to 6 meters of flexible LED strips can be connected to the electric insert to passively illuminate a TV or furniture, for example. The electric "glow" can be controlled with the remote control and also with the app.

Convenient control

The optical settings and the heating functions can be controlled independently of each other very conveniently using the remote control or the app. All important settings can be made directly using the remote control and the full range of functions with additional details and options is available with an iOS or Android device. The electric inserts were developed from the outset for app control, so that the operation and setting options were optimally planned.

Thermostatic heating control

Choose your preferred room temperature and the Avanti does the rest for you. Choose between 15°C and 25°C and the fireplace's 2000 watt heater (fan heater) will automatically adjust its output to reach the desired temperature as efficiently as possible. If you just want to enjoy the look of the electric fireplace, simply leave the heater off.

Create and save your own ambience settings

For instant ambience, choose one of Avanti's six stunning presets. From Natural to Modern, each combination is quickly accessible via remote or app. You can also create and save up to three custom combinations with your favorite settings for easy access.

Furniture system "Milazzo" for simple and individual design

Designed to complement the "Avanti 110 RW", the "Milazzo Suite" furniture system made of high-quality steel offers you a range of elegant options with which you can easily put together your dream electric fireplace.

Milazzo's modular design attaches flat to a wall for quick and easy installation and can be customized to create a hanging or standing version with different heights up to the ceiling. Color options include a neutral white or elegant gray, as well as a variety of intermediate and end elements.