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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

Interview on DIN 4734-1

“The new DIN standard for ethanol fireplaces ensures safety for consumers!”

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Kienle, Managing Director of the HKI Industrial Association for Home, Heating and Kitchen Technology, under whose roof a specialist department for ethanol devices has been formed, on the correct handling of decorative fireplaces

Editor: “Mr. Kienle, your association, the HKI, played a key role in the DIN standard 4734-1 for ethanol fireplaces, which was published in January 2011. What was the reason for your strong commitment?”

Frank Kienle: "We wanted to ensure greater safety. Unfortunately, there have been repeated accidents in the past when operating ethanol burners. This was usually due to operating errors or cheap imported devices with safety defects, so-called 'table fires'. With the new DIN standard, there are now clear criteria for what a safe device should look like!"

Editor: “So ethanol fireplaces are safe?”

Frank Kienle: “Yes – under two conditions: Their design and equipment must meet the requirements of the DIN standard. And they must be operated properly and with the necessary care.”

Editorial staff: “What requirements does the standard place on the devices?”

Frank Kienle: “Very diverse. This ranges from the maximum surface temperature when operating the device to the consumption values ​​and specifications for the ignition device and the fuel tank.”

Editorial staff: “Are there any points that consumers can pay attention to when making a purchase?”

Frank Kienle: "Yes, there are. The most important thing to mention is stability. Is the device heavy and solidly built enough so that it doesn't tip over even after accidental impacts? You can easily get a first impression of this yourself."

Editor: “And what is important when it comes to the equipment of the devices?”

Frank Kienle: "The following criteria: Does the device have an extinguishing device? Does it have an easy-to-read fuel level indicator? Is the fuel content designed for a maximum of three liters for a floor-standing device and half a liter for a table-top device in order to limit the burning time? And last but not least: are there detailed and understandable installation and operating instructions? - If even one of these points is not met, then I would stay away from the device."

Editorial staff: “On the subject of operation: What should our readers definitely pay attention to?”

Frank Kienle: "My most urgent advice is: When refilling, always wait until the fireplace has completely cooled down. So please never try to refill ethanol into the device while it is still hot!"

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