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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany
☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

Customer opinions

What do our customers say?


The texts do not reflect the opinion of Kaminwunder (Eurolux GmbH), but merely represent the personal, subjective impressions of our customers. We hereby expressly exclude any liability.

Ethanol fireplaces do not replace heating.

July 2014

Mr. S. from 71254 Ditzingen

Gas fireplace FuoraGas fireplace FuoraGas fireplace Fuora

Hello Ms Koch, the FUORA gas fireplaces are great. Thank you for the quick delivery. I have now decided to go for the slightly shorter hoods for protection :-)

May 2012

Mrs. W. from 78464 Konstanz

Thank you!!

Ladies and Gentlemen
I would like to thank you very much for everything working out so well. And above all, so quickly!

I am absolutely delighted with your service. The fireplace arrived very securely packaged. The Transco driver also said that he had rarely seen such good packaging. Even when you consider that it was an exhibition piece - there was not a scratch, nothing at all, everything was just tip-top. And it looks simply classy!

Despite the warm weather, we tried out the fireplace straight away in the evening.

Even my husband, who was rather skeptical, kept standing in front of it and saying that it was great... and if it was still dark outside... Well, that makes you look forward to next winter, when the tea kettle can be kept warm with tea.

I think we'll be ordering a fire box for the winter, as it will make it easier to put out the flames. From what I can see, it should fit in there. I'll get back to you then.

Best regards
Gabriele W.

February 2012

Family W. from 06567 Bad Frankenhausen

Residence Fichte Antik

Hello dear Kaminwunder team!
We have now tried out our new fireplace a few times. Since we no longer have a chimney in our house (which is almost 500 years old), this ethanol fireplace is a real alternative. The beautiful flames, the pleasantly radiated warmth, the crackling of burning wood from a CD in the background, -20 degrees outside as usual, a good glass of red wine or a cup of tea with pleasant conversation, simply great!

A special thank you goes to your employee for the good advice and the friendly conversations on the phone. We were also pleasantly surprised by the speed with which our order was processed. We hope that you will continue to be as satisfied a customer as we are. We will also be happy to recommend you to others.

Best regards
Family W.

January 2012

Mr. T. from 8050 Graz, Austria

I came across your website years ago and love these fireplaces because they work really well and a fire gives a cozy warmth. The only problem was the fuel. I'm from Austria and have tried a lot of things. But no fuel comes close to Ecoflam. Ecoflam has almost no smell and gives a beautiful yellow flame. The other products can't match that. I got a headache because of the strong smell and the flames were mostly bluish. I can recommend this product to any fireplace lover with a clear conscience.

December 2011

Mrs. F. from 53343 Wachtberg

Today I would like to thank you once again for the good advice and the problem-free delivery of my Cadogan stove. I have to tell you that this country house stove has far exceeded my expectations. I have set up a wicker basket with wood next to it, as well as some fireplace tools. I have placed a very nice cast iron spark guard in front of the stove and I almost completely forget that I don't have to add any wood. It couldn't be more practical, beautiful or safe. As soon as I get home, the stove is burning. I can hardly imagine how I got through this dark time of year otherwise. As soon as the flames shine, you feel warm - wonderfully cozy! I can't live without the stove.

December 2011

Family K. from 48565 Steinfurt - Borghorst

Roma corner model sandstone

Ladies and Gentlemen
We are absolutely thrilled with our fireplace!!!
No smell and great flame pattern.
Very good side effect, it also gets warm.

Thank you again for the very good advice.

I have sent the picture as an attachment.

Best regards
Family K.

December 2011

Mrs P. from 36037 Fulda


Last night we inaugurated my new fireplace.

The open fire created a wonderful Advent atmosphere and the red wine tasted even better than usual.

By the way, you chose the color perfectly and everything else is just as I imagined it.

Thank you!
With Christmas greetings

November 2011

Family B. from 91154 Roth


For reasons of space, we ordered a fireplace from the Flore Aktion.
And... we don't regret it. We're totally thrilled. It looks very cozy and we think that it will also raise the room temperature a little higher.
THANK YOU for this cozy view.
Kind regards, Family B.

October 2011


Mr. M. from 53925 Kall

Hello Kaminwunder,
Hello good morning, the oven arrived yesterday...and we are absolutely thrilled!
Thank you!
Greetings from Kall

October 2011

Family S. from 53359 Rheinbach


Dear Kaminwunder team,
We have been using the ethanol fireplace for several years now. We have a lot of fun with it and it fits wonderfully into our living room. Our friends are always surprised at how great this fireplace looks. We really enjoy lighting our fireplace at this time of year. The fireplace spreads a cozy warmth very quickly. It creates a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. The fireplace is a real asset for us. We are not only satisfied but still enthusiastic. Thank you again. We will always recommend you. Attached is a photo.

With warm greetings from Rheinbach
Family S.

August 2011

Mrs P. from 64390 Erzhausen

Dear Ms Lammers,
I just wanted to thank you again - the fireplace was delivered super punctually last Friday (presumably thanks to your inquiry to the shipping company, the driver was already with me at 9:30 a.m.) and the model looks great too!
Thank you very much for making everything work out so well.

April 2011

Mr. T. from 64291 Darmstadt

Artego SandstoneArtego Sandstone


Yesterday we hung our fireplace on the wall with special screws and dowels and were able to try out the beautiful fire that same evening.

I'm enclosing some pictures of the fireplace. I think it turned out very well :-)). Right?

Thank you again for the advice.

If you have any other ideas or notice that something might be missing, please just let me know.

Thanks again and best regards.

April 2011

Mrs. L. from 88719 Stetten


I just wanted to thank you for the great fireplace.

It looks beautiful, creates a really pleasant atmosphere and really enhances our restaurant!

We have a lot of fun with it and our guests are thrilled.

March 2011

Mrs. F. from 26384 Wilhelmshaven

We just had the fireplace on again last night and were once again totally thrilled by the cozy warmth and the immediate coziness that arose.

We certainly wouldn’t want to be without our fireplace, which also looks really stylish.

Warm greetings from sunny but quite cold Wilhelmshaven,

Mrs F.

March 2011

Mr. H. from 14640 Villers-Mer, France

My friends and I are absolutely thrilled with my fireplace, which I have owned since last summer.

Above all, my apartment has gained in charm, and above all, this winter it was extremely cold in Normandy! But with my fireplace I never had the feeling of dampness and cold, it even warms me up a few degrees!!!!

Above all, quick and safe to use!!!! And no mess!!!!

I can recommend this fireplace (ETHANOL) to everyone!!!!

February 2011

Mrs. F. from 27616 Lunestedt

I recently got an ethanol fireplace and I'm thrilled!!!!! It looks great, video coming soon, and makes our living room really nice and warm, despite all the doomsayers. And if you handle it carefully, there's absolutely no danger. It's like barbecuing, I'm not allowed to pour any accelerant into the open fire.

February 2011

Mr. B. from 59269 Neubeckum

Ravenna corner model

Ladies and Gentlemen
We have been using a bio-ethanol fireplace that we bought from you for some time now.

We are very happy with this fireplace. Especially because it is a custom-made product. It fits perfectly and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

All in all a highly recommendable product.

Best regards

Mr B.

February 2011

Mr. V. from 86381 Krumbach

Hello fireplace friends.

Thank you for your email. We are always delighted with the fireplace miracle/ethanol that you have delivered and are very satisfied. Please keep it up.

Best regards

Mr V.

February 2011

Mr. G. from Austria

Dear Eurolux team!

It is simply very cozy to enjoy the winter landscape of the garden in front of our new fireplace. The blazing flames give a completely new feeling. Simply wonderful. The purchase process was also good, only the shipping company could not quite remember the agreed delivery times. But that was also managed and now does not detract from the joy.

We are very pleased with the new heat source and the beautiful piece of furniture!

Best regards from Austria.

Rudolf G.

February 2011

Mr. D. from 49080 Osnabrück

Dear Kaminwunder Team,

We have been using your bioethanol since 2008! Our friends have a real fireplace and laughed at us for buying a fireplace with bioethanol.

Quote: "It doesn't warm you up at all, it's just something for the eyes!"

We couldn't have had that because it wasn't true. Because when we filled our three stainless steel cups with bioethanol from Kaminwunder and lit them, we could turn off the heating and take off our sweaters (a T-shirt would be enough when the temperature outside was below zero).

The living room is 35 square meters and the fireplace is in it. When we invited our friends over for an evening in the fireplace and lit it, everyone fell silent. And all they said was: "We're taking everything back, it's great and it heats up really well!"

But we have tested at least 15 other different types of bioethanol from other companies such as Kago or Hark, various hardware stores and various discounters. None of them passed our test with Kaminwunder bioethanol because there was either water residue in the cup or they did not heat up enough to allow you to hold your hand over the flame.

Our conclusion: We will only buy our bioethanol from Kaminwunder and will continue to recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

After hearing our rave reviews, a hotel also showed great interest in Kaminwunder's bioethanol, as it has a fireplace in every hotel room, and said they would get in touch with you shortly.

Best regards
Mr D.

February 2011

Family R.
from 42103 Wuppertal

Hello Kaminwunder family!

Just a quick message from us in Wuppertal. We are still very enthusiastic and enjoy lighting our fireplace, especially at this time of year.

We are using it to rebuild ourselves for the tasks that await us, so it's a chubby pleasure!

See you next time
Family R. from Wuppertal

February 2011

We have determined our winner from the “Homeplaza” prize puzzle.

The winner has won an ethanol fireplace, the “Piccolo” model from the Scandesign series, and he is very excited.

His reaction:


I am absolutely thrilled and extremely happy.

Many thanks again and greetings
JF from Bonn

February 2011

Mr. W. from 45357 Essen

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am following the current reports in some media about the alleged dangers of ethanol fireplaces with great interest and equally great incomprehension. I cannot agree with this opinion-making at all. We have had one of these models hanging on the wall in our living room for around 15 months. Right next to the couch and the living room carpet. As always with an open fire, you should proceed with caution.

We always use the funnel provided to fill the ethanol into the combustion chamber. We usually pour the whole bottle into the combustion chamber. If you are careful, you won't spill a single drop. We briefly hold the "lighting rod" in the combustion chamber, take up a few drops of ethanol, then light it with a lighter or a match and then hold the rod back in the combustion chamber. The ethanol ignites, take out the rod, blow it out briefly - done. From then on, we have about 4 hours of pure fire fun.

A stove that we can install without a chimney draft. A stove that warms. A stove that helps you switch off. We often sit around the stove together and enjoy the relaxing moments with a glass of red wine and a delicious cheese. When the bowl has burnt out, we ventilate the room for about a minute, close the combustion chamber and go to sleep.

To date, I have not noticed any toxic fumes or harmful smells. We have also not had to call the fire department as the stove has served its purpose without any problems and has radiated its warming calm. All in all, the ethanol fireplace was the right decision and I would do it again at any time.

Best regards
Mr. W.

January 2011

Family R. from 92281 Königstein

Roma SandstoneRoma Sandstone

Ladies and Gentlemen

We are now in the middle of the heating period of what has been a harsh winter so far. And we would like to give you some honest feedback.

We would like to start by saying that we will never give up our Redondo sandstone fireplace. It was delivered to our complete satisfaction just in time for the start of the heating season in September 2010. Since then, the fireplace has not only warmed our 28 square meter living room, but also our mood. Yes, we are almost at the point where we no longer watch TV, but only the fireplace. A blazing, deceptively real and fascinating open fire gives you so much joy. And the best thing is that there is no soot or other unpleasant particles in the apartment. Now a few words - from my own experience - about the use and maintenance of the most beautiful furniture in the house.

In the evening, we fill the stainless steel fuel cans with 333 ml of bio-ethanol fuel (one bottle). This amount is enough for a good two hours and the "fire extinguisher" remains inactive. Just a few minutes later, you can feel the pleasant warmth. Even the radiator remains inactive after the fireplace miracle has been lit. Even at minus 20 degrees, which we have experienced several times.

Now for maintenance: This is not very complicated if you soak the fuel cans in boiling hot water with a little soft soap, as we did. After about an hour, the black coating on the top edge of the cans and under the lids has come off by itself. Just wipe it down gently and you're ready for another evening of fun. We repeat this process weekly.

Finally, one more thing. A year ago we would not have believed that the wish - especially that of my wife - for an open fireplace could still be fulfilled. Because with a built-in chimney etc. + additional costs, the sauce would be more expensive for us than the roast pork or the shoulder of pork with dumplings and salad. In that respect, the Redondo is an extremely classy but inexpensive luxury. In this sense, we are happy to have found you on the Internet.

With friendly and warm greetings from Bavaria, the heart of Upper Palatinate from Königstein.
Family R.

Many thanks again for the good advice on site and the extremely reliable process afterwards.

January 2011

Family S. from 14789 Rosenau


In advance, I wish you a healthy New Year!

The fireplace was delivered on time on December 23rd - a real hit - thank you for making this work out so wonderfully.

The color matches our furniture perfectly, it's just a little duller on the surface, otherwise it's a dream in black! It was used a lot over the holidays!

As I said: Great work and we will have a lot of fun.

Best regards
Family S.

January 2011

Family S. from 55457 Horrweiler


Dear Kaminwunder team,

It's great that our fireplace was delivered in time for the holidays despite the snow and ice chaos. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your professional advice and your extremely good service.

The fireplace is a real asset to our winter garden and creates a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, especially at dusk or in the dark. The simple, quick and clean handling contributes significantly to the enjoyment of this fireplace.

Best regards
Family S. from Horrweiler

December 2010

Mrs. F. from 26384 Wilhelmshaven


Dear Kaminwunder team,

Now it's time to email you some photos of our dream fireplace.

Do you even remember me? But maybe you do - I was definitely your only customer who bought our amazing fireplace in July 2010 when it was 40 degrees in the shade!

In the meantime, my husband is also very enthusiastic about our cozy evenings by the fireplace, not to mention friends and acquaintances who envy us. When it's really stormy here in Wilhelmshaven (which happens quite often), there's nothing nicer than lighting a fire in the fireplace with just a few simple steps. The ethanol you bought is also great and has a completely natural flame pattern, so our daughter only uses your ethanol from now on.

I would like to thank you once again for the 100% handling of the fireplace purchase, which was also packaged so well that everything arrived here undamaged. Your friendly advice is also something I will remember fondly.

I am sure that you will receive follow-up orders from our circle of acquaintances.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011.

Greetings from Wilhelmshaven
Mrs F.

December 2010

Mrs. D. from 96049 Bamberg

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Sunda fireplace was delivered last Monday. It looks great in the corner of the living room and I was also very happy about the Christmas package.


Pre-Christmas greetings,
Mrs D.

Family S. from 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen


We are enclosing a photo of our fireplace, which we purchased from you in June this year.

We have already used it several times and are delighted with the cozy warmth. We can only recommend to anyone who is interested to buy a fireplace from you. We are sure that all of your other customers will be as delighted as we are after buying a fireplace.

Warm greetings from Bietigheim-Bissingen from
Family S.

Mrs. N. from 58300 Wetter

The package arrived today.

Everything fits perfectly, I was able to fit the drip tray into my fireplace and the new stainless steel containers are already in the ceramic wooden block. This way I have ensured greater safety and I am very happy with the items.

I would like to thank you very much for the smooth and quick processing.

Kind regards, your satisfied customer
Mrs N.

Mr. R. from 72766 Reutlingen


Dear Mrs ...,

We are now satisfied with the replacement goods.

The unpleasant smell is no longer an issue with this delivery! We are therefore satisfied and are enjoying the warming fireplace.

I am enclosing a picture of this beautiful fireplace.

Thanks again for the good handling

Dear Mister.,
We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with the fuel supplied. Since we do not understand why the fuel smells, we will have it analyzed. The ECOFLAM fuel fluid must not produce any smell during the combustion process!

If it smells, answering the following questions might also be helpful:

  • How much liquid do you fill the cans with?
  • Do you fill all 3 cans?
  • Is there wood in the fire?
  • Was the combustion chamber also washed out?
  • Is the chimney creating a draft? Don't always have the window open!
  • How big is the room where the fireplace is located?
  • Has the fuel been standing for too long?
  • Has the fuel been refilled or topped up?

Very good evidence of quality is provided by more than 1,000 reviews at, “customer feedback” with an increasing trend from customers over more than 13 years.

In order to determine the cause of this smell, we offer to replace the fuel. We will send you 24 bottles of "Ecoflam" and have the remaining fuel collected from you.

Dear Mrs ...,

The “Dubai” fireplace you recently delivered fully meets my expectations and fits very well into my modern apartment.

Unfortunately, we are not at all satisfied with the bioethanol that was supplied. The heating effect is good, but the smell that it produces spreads throughout the apartment and is very annoying. Even visitors notice this immediately when they enter the apartment. I have already tried all possible ways to improve it.

Perhaps the ethanol you supplied is different from this particular production batch, since you think it has no smell.

Now I have 2 boxes with 12 bottles each in their original packaging. Can I send these back to you and you will refund me the amount.

I would be grateful for a brief information.

Best regards,

Family H. from 70173 Stuttgart

Dear Kaminwunder team,

Our fuel order for this year has arrived safely. We would like to thank you very much for the generous donation for the fireplace demonstration for the N. family!

During their visit, the N. family was very impressed by the look and warmth of the fire and is interested in your “Findus” fireplace. We hope that the N. family will soon be one of your satisfied Kaminwunder customers.

We would be happy to serve as a reference for your company again if the opportunity arises

Best regards from Stuttgart
Family H.

Family H. from 48653 Coesfeld

Stove AS


We bought a fireplace from you in June (see photo) and it looks really great in our living room.

Now I have decorated it with various items on the warm days when we didn't need it yet.

Best regards
Family H.

Mrs F. from 22761 Hamburg

The fireplace arrived safely and looks great!

Thank you for the good advice!

Kind regards
Mrs F.

Family O.-R. from 3906 CW Veenendaal - Netherlands

Roma corner black marbleRoma corner black marble

Here are some photos. The fireplace is very beautiful and we like it a lot.

Sincerely yours
Family O.-R.

Mr. J. from 27232 Sulingen


I took some pictures of the fireplace and would like to make them available to you.

Mr. J.

Mrs. W. from 48231 Warendorf

Conversion of an existing fireplace

Here is the promised report and photos regarding the chimney conversion.

It is pure enjoyment.

best regards
Mrs W.

Mrs F. from 41516 Grevenbroich


Unfortunately, the whole thing took a little longer than expected.

Except for a few minor details, we are finished and I would like to send you the promised pictures.

Thank you very much for everything, we will be happy to recommend you.

Mrs F.

Family A. from 63619 Bad Orb


Dear Kaminwunder team,

Attached are two pictures of our fireplace. The installation went very well and we are completely satisfied.

Mr and Mrs A.

Mrs. J. from 24223 Schwentinenthal

Stove AS

It took a little longer because we weren't in Germany for 3 months. As promised, here's a photo of our fireplace, which we light almost every evening.

Best regards
Mrs J.

Mrs. W. from 70374 Stuttgart


Attached, late but as promised, is a picture of my superb Piccolo. It fits the apartment like a glove. Thank you very much for the friendly and competent advice.

Sunny greetings from Swabia
Mrs W.

Family S. from 08371 Glauchau


Today we would also like to have our say.

We have had our "Piccolo" for 4 weeks now and don't regret it for a single day. We have been looking for something like this for a long time because we have a space problem in our relatively small living room. The "Piccolo" is really nice to look at and also heats the room by around 3-4 degrees.

Advice in advance and delivery were TOP.

Keep it up
Family S.

Mrs. K. from 53547 Roßbach


Dear Kaminwunder team,

I've had the fireplace for a few months now and I'm absolutely delighted with it. The fireplace is really beautiful, you could really mistake it for a real fireplace. The fire is very nice and it warms my living room by about 3-4 degrees.

It is important that you regularly clean the fuel cans with a damp cloth before the next use so that no smell is created by the ethanol. I don't notice any smell when it is burning, the only smell is when the fire goes out.

Greetings Mrs K.

Family G. from 61462 Königstein


The fireplace arrived just in time for my birthday. We wanted to thank you for the excellent advice and extremely fast delivery.

We inaugurated the fireplace with a glass of champagne and am thrilled by the warmth and the flames, which also speaks for the fuel.

Keep it up - we can recommend you with a clear conscience.

Greetings from the Taunus
Your family G.

Mr. D. from Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Mrs. M. from 41239 Mönchengladbach

Dear Kaminwunder team,

I would also like to have my say. I have had the fireplace for a few years now and I am still totally thrilled with it.

At home, it is not possible to use a real fireplace due to structural conditions, so I looked for an alternative. And what can I say? I found what I was looking for with you. The promises you made are not exaggerated. The smell is minimal, the room is actually heated and the best thing is the real fire that really warms your heart. The processing and delivery were also super quick. To date, I have had no problems with your fireplace and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Many greetings from house to house
Mrs M.

Mrs. H. from 53797 Lohmar

The Piccolo fireplace from your lightning delivery before Christmas is working brilliantly - thank you! As winter seems to be coming back, we need a refill of fuel.

Thank you!

Best regards

Mr. F. from 22769 Hamburg


I have had the "Roma" fireplace for almost 5 years now and I still enjoy this type of fire. Beautiful design and a good source of heat, on autumn and especially on winter days, not only delight me but also all my guests. The name "fireplace miracle" is rightly justified.

We recommend!

Mr. F. from Hamburg

Family R. from 58135 Hagen


We have had our Pompei fireplace for about a year and are very happy with it. On cold days, but also in the transitional seasons, we enjoy the pleasant warmth and the feel-good atmosphere. The combustion is really very odorless. All in all, a great purchase.

We have already recommended the oven many times and aroused great interest among some friends.

Best regards

Family R. from Hagen

Mr. M.-S. from 42001 Wuppertal


We wish the whole team a happy and healthy 2010 and continued good business!We always wanted to have a fireplace in the living room, but due to a lack of connection, this was not possible until now.When my wife discovered the "Piccolo" on the Internet, she (and I too) was immediately enthusiastic. We set off from Wuppertal to Lengerich the very next day, bought the Piccolo straight away and set it up at home.

The enthusiasm still hasn't waned, as the Piccolo fits exactly where we wanted it and it blends in well with the rest of the furniture. We've spent so many lovely hours by the fireplace at Christmas time, and especially now with a view of the snow-covered garden! I'll send you pictures that show how well the Piccolo fits in with us!

We have already told everyone we know about our fireplace and perhaps one or two of them will buy a bioethanol fireplace from you. We hope that you sell many more Piccolos and other fireplaces and make people happy who cannot set up a "real" fireplace!

Best regards

Mr. M.-S.

Family H. from 48268 Greven

Artego NB

I am hereby sending you the requested photo. We have had our fireplace since March 2009 and are enjoying it very much.

We wish you a happy new year 2010.

Best regards

Mr and Mrs H.

Mr. G. from 5020 Salzburg / Austria


This year we enjoyed the Advent and Christmas season with our fireplace even more than before! I would therefore like to send you a picture of our beautifully decorated fireplace! I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and successful 2010!

Best regards from Salzburg

Mr G.

Family L. from 48369 Saerbeck

We have had an ethanol stove for 3 years now and are extremely happy with it. We get the fuel from you every year because not only the price but also the quality is good.

We were convinced by their good advice. My husband initially didn't want to know anything about these ovens and is now just as enthusiastic as I am.


Family L.

Family P. from 49525 Lengerich


We bought our "Findus" fireplace model a long time ago and are very happy with it. The fireplace is not only a visual eye-catcher but also gives off a lot of heat. It fits perfectly in our apartment. The advice and sales process were friendly and very good.

Everything perfect.

Greetings from Lengerich

Mr. R. from 88046 Friedrichshafen

We ordered a glass fireplace and the corresponding fuel (60 bottles) from you about a year ago.

The order processing was excellent. After delivery, we started using the fireplace straight away. The ambience with this glass fireplace was simply wonderful. The information about consumption, lack of smell and handling of the supplied fuel corresponded completely to your information on the website.

In the summer, we had a side pane of glass in the fireplace break, which I caused myself. The replacement delivery of the pane was also handled by “Kaminwunder” to our complete satisfaction.

In the meantime, several friends have already ordered a glass or wall fireplace after discovering the coziness of the fire with us.

We have already ordered new fuel again (bulk order) because the quality and price of the fuel is simply very good.

Best regards

Mr R.

Mr. L. from 48351 Everswinkel


As promised, attached is a picture of my gem, the “Sunda” fireplace!

I think it looks really great in my bay window, unfortunately the atmosphere doesn't really come across in the evening - it looks much nicer LIVE than in the picture!

When I took the picture I only had one flame on - but I don't think that's a disadvantage, because the shape of the fireplace reflects the flame beautifully! 3 flames are definitely too warm for me at the moment! The room temperature is definitely rising!

All I can say about the product itself is: Great workmanship from high-quality materials - definitely not "hardware store junk"! Good advice on site, a smooth collection process, great packaging, and a good fuel that I would classify as almost "odorless" round off the positive overall impression. I have a clear recommendation: If you buy here, you're not buying cheap, but you're buying quality!


Mr. L.

Family H. from 14558 Nuthetal

Venezia white washVenezia white wash

We thank you for the quick delivery of our fireplace and are happy to send you our experience report and two photos for use on your website:

We have been using our fireplace (Venezia - white wash) for about a week now and we are always impressed. The fireplace and the ceramic wood look so deceptively real that the first visitors were surprised to look for the chimney that went with it. But the quality of the craftsmanship of the precisely processed wood, the solid combustion chamber and the good flame pattern convinced us and everyone who saw this fireplace.

The rapid and sustained heat release into the room is also astonishing. Despite the large floor space of around 26 square meters, the fireplace easily manages to heat the room to 25 to 28 degrees despite cool outside temperatures. Depending on the setting of the adjustable stainless steel fire boxes, the burning time of one liter of bio-alcohol is up to 4.5 hours. The combustion is absolutely odorless and additional ventilation is not necessary.

It should not go unmentioned that the service provided by your company is just as reliable as the quality of your products. Although the order was placed at short notice in the autumn, Kaminwunder began production immediately and kept to all agreed deadlines exactly - the delivery date originally announced was even exceeded. The fireplace and accessories were carefully secured on the Euro pallet and stored in a weatherproof manner. As promised, assembly was very straightforward, so that the fireplace could be put into operation a good half hour after delivery.

Best regards

Family H.

Mr. S. from 38037 Braunschweig

Chateau antiqueChateau antique

Today I finally want to keep my promise and get in touch. The fireplace is up and running and we've already used a few litres of Ecoflam - we're happy!

Thank you again for your expert advice and the opportunity to look at all the models in your store. This meant we could put together the model according to our ideas, based on the color and features. The long journey was worth it!

We had problems getting competent advice from various dealers in our area. Only by visiting you were we able to implement our plan!

The fireplace has integrated well into our apartment and is accepted by the other furnishings.

Best regards,

Mr S.

Family C. from 44135 Dortmund

Artego SELBArtego SELB

As promised, you will receive pictures of the fireplace. Best regards from Dortmund

Family C.

Mr. T. from 09112 Chemnitz

A year ago I bought a fireplace insert for gel fuel. As I am a retired stove builder, I covered it with beautiful tiles. I am not happy with the gel fuel. I found your company through an advert and ordered a sample bottle and can. I am delighted and will definitely continue to order. I will also advertise your products to my friends.

Best regards

Mr. T.

Mr. G. from 5020 Salzburg / Austria


The fireplace (classic model) fits perfectly in our living room! The workmanship is really great. I'm already looking forward to the coming autumn and winter days when we can certainly enjoy the fire and the cozy warmth. We will definitely recommend Kaminwunder to our friends and acquaintances!

Greetings from Salzburg!


Family B. from 47051 Duisburg


You were right. Unpack, set up and enjoy - simply fantastic. And as you predicted, we actually tested our new "Sunda" fireplace that evening and were able to experience the cozy warmth straight away.

We really liked the design in your brochure and now in real life it left nothing to be desired. It fits perfectly in the place we chose for it, ideally visible from the seating area and the dining table. We will be happy to recommend you.

Greetings from Duisburg

S + P

Mr. B. from 48149 Münster


We finally got around to sending you some pictures of our new fireplace.

We are very happy with it and it turned out beautiful.

The fireplace is the focal point of our home and everyone who has seen it so far is thrilled.

Sending warm greetings from Münster

Mr. B. and Mr. J.

Family N. from 38350 Helmstedt


On the recommendation of our son from Braunschweig, we bought a Nazaré sandstone fireplace from you on July 15, 2009. It was delivered by a shipping company on July 17, 2009. On July 18, 2009, we rearranged our living-dining room and the fireplace was placed in the living room. We then carried out a first "fire test". Although we already knew the fireplace - our son bought a sandstone fireplace from you last year - we were delighted.

The cozy warmth and the impression of the firelight in our living room prompts us to share with you at this early stage how happy we are about the experience of having a fireplace in our own four walls. We have attached five photos so that you can share our enthusiasm.

We would like to thank you very much for the presentation of your fireplace models and your comprehensive information.

We recommend you!

Best regards

Mr and Mrs N.

Mr. R. from 38820 Halberstadt


We have been operating your little wonder since last autumn and are very happy with the cozy warmth that radiates towards us and surrounds us.

I was rather skeptical about the possible smell in the room. But you convinced me with the fuel you supplied.

With grateful greetings

Mr R.

Mrs. S. from 38124 Braunschweig

Artego SNLB

As promised, today I’ll send you the photos of my gem “Artego SNLB” via MMS.

Many greetings from Braunschweig from S.

Family P. from 88085 Langenargen


Rhodos fireplace – really great

We didn't believe it, but you were absolutely right - our Rhodos fireplace has been in our dining room since February 18, 2009 and is not only a decorative showpiece, but also gives off great heat. The heat comes immediately after lighting the fire cans. We didn't believe it. Our dining room has never been warm so quickly! Thank you for the good advice. And it's not just us who feel good, our dogs do too, as you can see!

Best regards,

Family P.

Mrs. K. from 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck

Subject: Fuel delivery for a competitor's fireplace with a large combustion opening.

As recommended, I cleaned the insert with half a dishwasher tablet and boiling water. Then today we got the new Ecoflam and now we are really enjoying our oven!

The burning time of your ethanol was now 1.5 hours for 0.5 liters.

Now we are very satisfied and enjoy our oven and no longer have a headache! We will definitely order from you again, although not always directly, as we will be ordering a larger quantity together with friends because of the cost.

Best regards

Mrs K.

Family B. from 48231 Warendorf


Our fireplace has been in the living room for two days now and we are absolutely delighted. The Findus brings us a cozy warmth.

Best regards

Family B.

Mrs R. from 48249 Dülmen


Our new fireplace has been in our living room for two weeks now and has been used every evening. The beautiful design, the good workmanship and the fascinating combustion technology without smoke or unpleasant smells always give us a lot of pleasure.

We have already received a lot of positive feedback from visitors and we are happy to recommend “Kaminwunder”.