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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany
☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

BEV technology


Ethanol vaporizer burner

The BEV technology uses the bio-ethanol contained in the internal tank, heats it up and then evaporates it. This ethanol vapor is then automatically ignited by the device above the burner. This type of combustion ensures smoke-, soot- and ash-free operation without unpleasant odors. A chimney or flue is not required (intermediate ventilation/air exchange/oxygen supply required). The burners are operated completely automatically and the combustion process is permanently monitored and controlled by the included microprocessors, so that any operating errors cannot occur in the first place.

Automatic burner cross section

1. Fuel tank with level sensors
2. Automatic filling system (pump system, external)
3. Microprocessors
4. Ethanol vaporizer
5. Combustion area

Safety sensors and functions

The burners offer a very high level of safety thanks to their automated operation and permanent monitoring by a large number of sensors. Incorrect operation or filling is virtually impossible, unlike with manual or semi-manual burners. Any unusual behavior is identified directly and in the event of an error, the device is switched off immediately. In addition to the automatic shutdown, an acoustic warning signal sounds and a notification is sent to the mobile app.

Automatic burner

• Motion sensor
• Parental controls
• Sleep timer
• Refill lock
• Tilt sensor
• 3 temperature sensors
• Device lock
• 3 leak (spill) sensors
• Level sensor
• 2 overfill sensors
• CO2 sensor

Note: Not all sensors are installed in all burners.

Automatic refill system

The automatic filling system makes refilling the bio-ethanol effortless and efficient, eliminating all the problems that can arise with manual refilling. The bio-ethanol is automatically pumped into the burner's tank with a connected pump. Once the tank is completely full, the sensor alerts the microprocessor to stop the process. The risk of overfilling and spilling during manual filling is eliminated by this system. The fuel level can also be checked at any time in the mobile app.

Bio-ethanol pump

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