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☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany
☎️ Free advice on: 05481 9367-50 🌟 Over 20,000 satisfied customers 🔥 Largest fireplace shop in Germany

Why Kaminwunder?

Why Kaminwunder?

The most important reasons for buying an ethanol fireplace (without chimney)

1. The fuel is an environmentally friendly liquid!

The ethanol used in our product is obtained from natural products in a special rectification process. This is done according to the latest knowledge of environmentally friendly agriculture and production. It is particularly worth mentioning that our ethanol fireplaces do not produce the usual and unavoidable high levels of fine dust and our fuel is CO2-neutral.

2. Why a real open fire without a chimney draft?

• Because I want to enjoy the warmth of burning ethanol, the flickering fire and the cozy atmosphere.
• Because I want to change the location of my ethanol fireplace.
• Because I want to take my beautiful ethanol fireplace with me when I move.
• Because it is easy to fill with fuel.
• Because I want to enjoy the scent of wood (using pressed wood fragrance sticks without chemicals) without dust particles, fine dust, ash disposal and soot.
• Because I can enjoy the “fireplace feeling” without any danger or health risk.
• Because I can have a custom-made ethanol fireplace built in different styles at affordable prices.
• Because after lighting it, I want to quickly feel warmth from the burning ethanol and coziness.
• Because I can put out the fire quickly and at any time.
• Because I can determine the heat released by burning ethanol and the burning time myself.

Buy from the largest selection, with the best quality and value for money.

If you need more reasons, talk to our customers.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more hotel chains and restaurants are deciding to convert to our system or have us build them a custom-made ethanol fireplace in various styles at affordable prices.

Ethanol fireplaces burn a special, inexpensive fuel. We offer burn containers with a burn time of 2.5 hours and burn boxes with a burn time of up to 9 hours.

These ethanol fireplaces are odorless, have no chimney draft, no ash, are easy to regulate and are operated with inexpensive fuel (96.9% alcohol). It is very important for the environment to avoid fine dust. This does not occur when ethanol is burned!

With this system, the circle of users is significantly expanded, as these ethanol fireplaces can also be operated in any apartment, holiday home, etc. We have been building and selling this type of fireplace for over 13 years.

Proof of quality can be found in an ever-growing number of customers. Currently you can find a selection of customer reviews under "Customer Feedback". Buy from the largest selection, with the best quality and value for money. If you still have doubts, ask our customers.

Ethanol fireplaces - The most important information at a glance

Ethanol fireplaces do not replace heating.

Ethanol fireplaces can be easily installed in almost any place without any renovation work or a chimney - even in rented apartments. Ethanol fireplaces are not suitable for room heating, but when burning a maximum of half a liter of bio-alcohol per hour , they generate up to 3 kilowatts of heat (equivalent to about 2 electric fan heaters). The fuel (ethanol) burns odorlessly, without smoke, ash or fine dust. Provided the room is large enough and there is ventilation, the real flames create a magical atmosphere and become an eye-catcher in any room. Electric fireplaces or converting wood fireplaces to run on bio-ethanol are also possible without any problems. For individual furnishings, the "fireplace miracle" also offers custom work and special designs from our own production.

How does the fireplace miracle work?

It is extremely easy and simple to use:

In the metal insert there is a ceramic wood replica that looks so real that we have been asked several times, "...whether the wood doesn't start to burn?"

Up to three fire cans (0.3 or 0.4 ml) or a fire box are placed in this wood imitation. The special fuel liquid is poured into these cans.

The liquid can be ignited with a fireplace lighter and you can then enjoy your open warming fire through the burning of the fuel and the cozy fireplace atmosphere without any worries.

The ethanol fireplace burns from approx. 2.5 hours to 7 hours depending on the model and size with one liter of fuel (ECOFLAM).

Ethanol fireplaces do not replace heating.